Demons, Sea Beasts and Solos.. Oh My

We’ll beside being a four foot mystic who battles baboons, giant frogs and demons, Mr. Fastfinger is also and a crazy fast guitarist and shred mentor.

Mr. Fastfinger was created by Guitar Virtuoso Mikka Tyyskä, who turned the character into a five part mini-movie, an awesome platform style video game that teaches you some tasty licks and righteous theory (think angry birds meets guitar hero, but you learn stuff too).

You don’t have to play guitar to enjoy this game though. You don’t even really need to know how to play music of any kind. The game is super user friendly and just uses your keyboard as the guitar. Click Here or on the Image below to get to the game.


The game takes off where the 5 part mini-movie leaves you, so definitely check out both if you want to grasp more of the story line. If your stretched for time though, the game is awesome on its own.

Mr. Fastfinger – The Movie

The movie follows our hero’s journey in building the ultimate guitar. This guitar will be the gateway to infinity! So naturally only the finest of materials can be used (the fish jaw tremolo is my favourite). He must go through many challenges and fight fierce battles to acquire these materials. It is the only way to free the dwarves from the evil demon who possesses them.

Here is a sneak peak into the world of Mr. Fastfinger – Episode 1 of 5

Wait… There’s an Album too?

Not just one album, but three! Mikka is part of a touring band by the name of, you guessed it! Mr. Fastfinger. If your into guitarists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Michael Angelo Batio (Who actually cameo’s some licks in episode four) then you will definitely enjoy their album.

Click Here or the image below to grab a copy of their album


And to top everything off

Mikka offers video tutorials and lessons on the website, and has teaches at guitar clinics around Europe. To get a piece of this action, you can check out the lesson section of the website here.

Also, if you find that the language is not in english when you get there, just click the Mr. Fastfinger tab in the menu, and all will be revealed.

Let me know how this helped you, or if you want to discuss further, just write a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

Who is Mr. Fastfinger???
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