I have to say I am speechless at the news that Prince has passed away at 57. Prince has had a profound influence on the music world and communities living on this little blue dot drifting through space. We should all feel lucky that we were given the honour of being around to witness what this one person has accomplished.

I’d like to take a moment to pay my respects to this musical genius, by looking at some of the great moments in his life.

Prince’s Influence

In 1983 Prince Debuted Purple Rain for the first time at the first avenue night club. This version of the song was recorded live, and later released as the album. The album version shortened the song and overdubbed several tracks, adding strings and changing the solo somewhat. You can see the video of that performance here.

First Ever Performance of Purple Rain!Insanely rare video of the now iconic ballad “Purple Rain” live in 1983 at First Avenue in Minneapolis. This is the first time the song Purple Rain was ever performed live and this performance was the bare bones used on the album and in the movie.

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You can grab a copy of the iconic album here, I know I will be grabbing a copy of the Vynl.

Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain LP

A Magical Superbowl Performance


Prince gave a breath taking performance at the half time show of Superbowl XLI in February 2007. Prince’s commitment to the craft and the all the artists fans, shines through so heavily.  As you will hear in the video, it had been about forty years since it had rained at a Superbowl, so there should’t be a problem with rain… Well (I’m going to paraphrase a bit here), prince received a call stating, “Now, I want you to know its raining”. Prince responds “Yes, its raining”. On the other end of the line Prince hears the voice say “Are you okay?”, in which he responds “Can you make it rain harder?”. Prince played amazing versions of Hendrix, Foo Fighters songs and more. At the very end as the rain is pouring by the bucket, he tops off the night with Purple Rain.


Community and Charity

Prince was also very supportive of communities, helping musicians to get their careers going, and supporting groups beyond the musical world. After wrapping up the end of the Welcome 2 America tour, Prince announced that he was donating ‘1 Million Dollars’ to the Harlem Children’s Zone. He also donated an additional $250,000 to the American Ballet Theatre and another $250,000 to the Uptown Dance Academy.

Thank you for all of the Life Lessons you’ve Taught Us, and the hard times you have gotten us through.
Everything You Have Given Us, and I’m sure some how will Continue To Give Us.

You will forever be a part of our storey, our lives, and you will remain in a special part of our hearts.

In Memory Of A Prince

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